Sunday, February 5, 2012


MMMM NOM NOM!! I must say my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Love me some oats and egg whites. This morning I decided to add peaches to my oatmeal. Normally I have my oats with mixed blueberries/raspberries but I LOVE peaches and they just arrived in stores again this week so I picked some up. Not super sweet yet but they work :o). In my oats I also mix in some flaxseed, chiaseed, and LOTS of cinnamon. I put cinnamon on pretty much anything I can. I LOVE it!! I also love my egg white omelette's. This morning I decided on putting chopped leeks and zucchini. YUM!! Oh and of course topped off with my homemade salsa. Ah. Great start to a lovely Sunday morning.

 What are some of your favorite mix in's? Oatmeal or egg combo's.

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